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Important Information: 

This is a NUT FREE Event


All guests, please bring individually packaged sweet and savory snacks with no peanut products. This is part of your admission and one way we keep the price low.

Open to Christian Families ages 12 and up. Please note that this dance is not a drop-off event. Parents are asked to either stay or arrange a chaperone responsible for their child/ward.

Please stay home if you are sick. 

PROTOCOL - gentlemen have the greatest responsibility; they must see that all ladies have an opportunity to dance. Please be gentlemanly, courteous, bold, and generous,  enabling all ladies to enjoy the ball.

Dances may include:
Barmkim, Carolina Promenade, Hole in the Wall, Mr. Beveridge's Maggot, Postie's Jig, The Comical Fellow, Dublin Bay, Waltz
Duke of Kent's, WaltzEaster Thursday 1733
Please Note: Registration is a two-step process.

Registration is open to Christian families ages 12 and up.

Purchase Tickets:

$15 each student AND
$15 Each chaperone or adult

$50 Maximum per Family 

Cancelation Policy
Each registration is subject to a $5 cancelation fee.

Step 1: Form 

Step 2: Payment

Registration Is Now Closed 

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