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Norma Klokus

I'm originally from Colombia. I got adopted by this beautiful family who has been involved in Speech and Debate for 15 years. When I first came I didn't know any English, and even though I didn't understood anything about Debate and Speeches, I still went and watched my brother Austin competing. I was a person that couldn't do public speaking, because I felt sick just thinking about it. Although I just came to America I did my first Speech and Debate Camp and it was bad!! Only because I didn't pronounce or looked nervous. Well that's what I thought. But people around me were very impressed that I competed without knowing the language very well.

I have been part of Speech and Debate for about three years, and it really helped me a ton with my english. I have learned so much and I'm really thankful for everybody in legacy for being patient and encouraging me every time I give my speeches and Debates. Especially my mom, for being so patient and understanding. She always wants me to succeed in everything.

The whole point of me sharing a little bit of my story is for you to see how great Speech and Debate can help you improve in public speaking. Not only that, also being able to share the Gospel and love others. I really enjoy doing Speech and Debate and look forward for you guys to enjoy it and to learn a ton!! I'm really excited that you are part of this journey. God bless y'all.

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