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Caleb Spencer

1. What did you do directly after high school? 
After graduation I enrolled at Valencia Community College. 

2. What are you currently doing? 
I am currently working on my AA degree.

3.  What is your favorite memory from your time in Legacy and the NCFCA?  
My favorite memory would definitely have to be Extemp finals, Jonesboro 2013. I had a blast

in the prep room goofing off, and managed to change my topic three times before I got out of

the prep room. I've never seen the Extemp room staff so confused, and concerned. That speech went great, and it truly is one of my favorite memories.  


4. How has doing speech and debate impacted who you are and what you are doing today? 
NCFCA gave me a drive and a passion for communication, and to this day I still strive for excellence in this area. 

5. What is your message for those currently involved in speech and debate?  
Continue to strive for excellence, and never be satisfied with your skill level. We all can continue to improve in the area of communication. Most importantly though, have fun and develop friendships. 


6. What is your message for those considering adding speech and debate to their life?
The NCFCA will give you the opportunity to develop skills that will serve you in good stead for the rest your life. In addition you will develop friendships that will last long after your time in the NCFCA is over. 

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