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Jonathan Carleton

1.  What did you do directly after high school and what are you currently doing?

After a summer of working at Chick-fil-A, I'm excited to be continuing my education

at Palm Beach Atlantic University, and blessed to be doing so on a full-ride scholarship.


2.  Tell us about any awards, interesting adventures, etc. since you graduated high school.

One of the deciding factors for the scholarship was an interview, and I'm confident that my

speech and debate experience contributed to my performance there. One of the panelists

for my scholarship interview runs the school's Mock Trial team, and I have been accepted to

the team for the season. 


3.  What is your favorite memory from your time in Legacy and the NCFCA? 

Some of my favorite experiences in the NCFCA were the spontaneous moments with friends, such as mock debates about Chick-fil-A while waiting for judges, reenactments of the "Going on a Bear Hunt" skit, and random conversations over lunch at tournaments.

4.  How has doing speech and debate impacted who you are and what you are doing today?  

Speech and debate helped show me how much I enjoy communicating to audiences, especially when I'm teaching or entertaining.


5.  What is your message for those currently involved in speech and debate?
I would encourage everyone currently in the NCFCA to make the most of it--try categories you're still uncomfortable with, prepare early in the season, and go out of your way to welcome and encourage all of the people around you. You can be used powerfully by God and have a lot of fun in the process, and sometimes the best way to start is with the little things, whether it's praying for the person about to speak, writing an encouraging note to a friend, or staying to chat with your debate opponent for a moment after the round. There aren't a lot of hard-and-fast rules, but if you look to love wherever possible and are open to what Jesus wants to do through you, you won't be disappointed. 

6.  What is your message for those considering adding speech and debate to their life? 

For those considering adding speech and debate to your life, I'd certainly suggest you pray about it. Speech and debate is one of those activities that can benefit anyone, regardless of age, career, and experience, giving students the opportunity to grow both as speakers and as thinkers.


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